The Pointe Shop is no ordinary shop; it is part of the workshop that makes shoes for dancers all over he world.
Each dancer that visits The Pointe Shop gets the same service that is offered to Company Dancers worldwide.
Although some dancers can be fitted from stock, "specials" can be made at no extra cost.
The Pointe Shop offers nine width fittings, so you can rest assured that there is the right width for your foot. Being fitted at The Pointe Shop means a dancer can build up her own personal specification file that once finalised will ensure that she has the best possible fit for her feet, whilst functioning correctly and looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
Fittings are by appointment and normally take about 30 minutes.
Tel:  01455 442767

 Also Available at The Pointe Shop

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      Leg Warmers   Leotards   Ballet Skirts  

Transition Tights  & More

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